Scope - EnFi 2018

EnFI 2018
11th International Workshop on Engineering of Functional Interfaces
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The EnFI 2018 workshop aims at summarizing the enormous progress in the rapidly growing cross-disciplinary field of functional interfaces, and enhancing the exchange of ideas and understanding by bringing under the same roof experts and students from the different fields of materials science, physics, biophysics, chemistry, biology, engineering and medicine.

Functional interfaces play a key role in the design and synthesis of advanced materials with tailored properties. This holds for all modern top-down fabrication schemes for nanostructured materials and surfaces by thin-film technology in all its varieties. And, it is true as well for the bottom-up, often using bioinspired self-organization methods to assemble materials at the molecular scale in a predefined way for a rational surface engineering.

Advanced nanomaterials and smart surfaces are essential for developing novel concepts for multi-functional microsystems to be applied in timly fields such as environmental monitoring or point-of-care diagnostics. Functional interfaces are also an integral part of electrochemical and photonic sensors, medical devices, implants, and drug delivery systems. Therefore, the EnFI 2018 workshop addresses this broad vision by focusing on the synthesis of advanced materials, on analyzing and understanding of their unique properties, and on their utilization in high-end technological applications.

The EnFI workshop format is dedicated to the advanced, interdisciplinary education of young scientists. In particular, EnFI provides a platform for the cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas amongst master- and Ph.D. students as well as postdoctoral researchers. Internationally renowned experts will give feature, evening and keynote lectures on a series of selected, highly relevant topics. Young researchers will present their recent results as brief oral presentations and as poster contributions in an interdisciplinary context.

Main Topics of Poster Markets

• Thin film technology & microsystems
• Nanostructured materials & interfaces
• Conductive polymers & biopolymers
• Biomimetic materials synthesis & programmable surface engineering
• Nucleic acid technologies & enzyme-mediated engineering
• Biomaterials and membranes
• Novel methods for characterization of surfaces & interfacial reaction processes
• Medical implants & surface coatings
• Electrochemical & optical sensor materials interfaces
• Biosensors & next-generation diagnostics
• Chip-based devices
• Whole cell bio- and chemo-sensing

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